Friday, November 9, 2007

Whose the guilty party?

Yesterday I came home to find the kitchen wall all scartched and dug up, the paper peeled off. The hallway wall had a hole in it, and scatches, etc.. I think it was the puppy, but he has never done that before. They were only alone for about 1/2 hour before my son got home. He left again maybe an hour before I got back. I wonder if it was really Duke that did it? My dogs haven't ever done that before, but I guess their's a first for everything!

Poor puppy was sick for a day or so. I thought he was choking on something, and got him into the vet- he had a cold! The reason I thought he was choking on something is somewhat humerous ( I guess). I came home from Girl Scouts one day to find both dogs outside, just running around the yard- batting a SQUIRREL HEAD back & forth! It was disgustingly funny. Anyway, I chuck the head out into the woods, wondering where the rest of the body is! Later, Ron comes in and says there was a squirrel leg on the porch stairs. Ugggh!

Well, I need to go start packing- I have a Girl Scout camping trip today- yee-haw! No seriously, it's fun, and hopefully it is creating memories for these girls that will last a lifetime.

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