Monday, November 26, 2007

Rocky's misadventures

Rocky is getting huge! He is such a good dog. He goes in tomorrow to be neutered. He is becoming quite the leg hugger, so he needs a little adjustment! Rocky loves to roam around the yard with us as we feed the chickens and goats. We had a rooster get out. We used to let the chickens roam around the yard until they went through the woods to the neigbors and started tearing into their garden. So, we now keep them cooped up. Since the gardening season is now over, we didn't care if the rooster hung around. Being 1/2 black lab, Rocky cared!. He would go catch that rooster and carry him around. Didn't hurt him, just carried him around. Rocky wasn't satisfied until we put Mr. Cock0doodle-doo away! So, he's back in the coop.

Rocky is also finally retrieving toys- or at least stealing them from Thunder and bringing them back. I throw the toy, Thunder gets it, Rocky steals it from Thunder & returns it to me. What a goof-ball! He is so funny & so mellow & lovable- everyone loves him!

Thunder is getting a little better about the barking at Ron. He now has Rocky to be jelous of, so he actually TRIES to get Ron's attention now. Ron has been throwing the toys for Thunder, so now I think he is Ok in Thunders book. Thunder still barks horribly if Ron walks in from outside.

Well, it's time to wake the kiddo up for school. I think the doggies & I are going for a LONG walk today- it's been a while. We've mainly been hanging in the woods behind the house lately. Bye-bye!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Whose the guilty party?

Yesterday I came home to find the kitchen wall all scartched and dug up, the paper peeled off. The hallway wall had a hole in it, and scatches, etc.. I think it was the puppy, but he has never done that before. They were only alone for about 1/2 hour before my son got home. He left again maybe an hour before I got back. I wonder if it was really Duke that did it? My dogs haven't ever done that before, but I guess their's a first for everything!

Poor puppy was sick for a day or so. I thought he was choking on something, and got him into the vet- he had a cold! The reason I thought he was choking on something is somewhat humerous ( I guess). I came home from Girl Scouts one day to find both dogs outside, just running around the yard- batting a SQUIRREL HEAD back & forth! It was disgustingly funny. Anyway, I chuck the head out into the woods, wondering where the rest of the body is! Later, Ron comes in and says there was a squirrel leg on the porch stairs. Ugggh!

Well, I need to go start packing- I have a Girl Scout camping trip today- yee-haw! No seriously, it's fun, and hopefully it is creating memories for these girls that will last a lifetime.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Helping the cause

Saturday my Girl Scout troop held an event at the local library to help raise awareness for the organization from which Thunder & Rocky were adopted. It was a program for kids. A woman from the organization came & talked to the kids about abused & neglected animals in our county. The kids then made a pet scrapbook & were given examples of 'pennies for pets" banks to make at home. When their banks are full of pennies, they can be donated to help feed & care for the animals, or they can use the $ to adopt a pet. We had a small turn-out,but it was fun & gave my girls experience doing a program.

Thunder was a bad boy yesterday. He managed to escape & get away from me outside. He was being a twerp & not coming in. Usually a treat will do the trick, but not this time! We have alot of woods & such, so I just prayed he went back there, and not in the road. Finally he came onto the porch, but if I opened the door, he ran. He is a stubborn old dog- he must have mule in his background somewhere! When he finally consented to come in, PEEEEEEE-YEW! He stunk like rotten meat! It was really bad because he is long haired! I had to give him an emergency bath! Yuk!

Rocky is getting bigger- he has huge paws, so I fear he has a bit more growing. He is still mellow & lovable. I have been so busy with my biz, my J-O-B, halloween events & appts., we haven't had time to go for a long walk. Today I am working at home, so we will probably get a good walk in. I hope so- I notice the difference if I don't walk!

I have some absolutely cute pictures of the boys if I can only get them to load onto the site.

Anyway, I have to get the kiddo ready for school, feed the goats, walk the dogs, and begin another wonderful day!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Doggy Heaven or is doggy_____?

Boy, we've been having a whole lot of fun here with dogs. My son Brynn and his girlfriend have taken over parentage of a pitbull/akita mix, named Duke. Duke sure stirs things up around here!

He and Rocky wrestle around, and Thunder freaks out. I believes he's jealous, plus he feels the need to remind Duke that he had better watch his step. After all, Thunder is top dog in this house. Not that it means much. Rocky is so mellow, you barely know he's here. He doesn't chew alot - he'd better not, with about $50.00 worth of chew toys strewn end-to-end in the house and yard. He's not a barker, or a jumper. When you say it's time for treats, he sits before you tell him to and looks at you with those big sad eyes. He is so pathetic- he warms hearts in an instant. I think he would be a good volunteer dog- one that visits nursing homes,hospitals, etc...

Duke and Rocky get going and it's comical! Duke will literally have Rocky's head in his mouth, but he never hurts him. In fact, Rocky comes back for more! Rocky will play like a hellion and challenge Thunder and Duke into a grand old wrestling match. But when he's done, he's done. We almost named him Crash as he is crashed out so much of the time!

Of course, our puppy still has "mistakes". Apparently, so does Duke. So we are on constant watch and endless activity.

The dogs will go out. They come in and have a huge drink. They go back out. When they come in, they practice their tricks, receiving treats. Better go out again. Come in. We go out to feed the goats- the dogs come out, too. We go in, they have ANOTHER huge drink. Back out. Come in. Go to bed. Pee in the house while we sleep.

But we love them dearly. My cousin Tracy has a dog that is experiencing a hip problem that will only get worse. Although the vet has given drugs to ease the pain and such, my cousin knows it' s only a matter of time before she has to have the dog put to sleep. She and her husband were discussing it today, and she said she bursted out crying. She is torn by her love for her furry friend. One the one hand, she does not want to see it suffer. One the other hand, it's like having your child put to sleep. We couldn't imagine it.

And now, another day has come to an end. The dogs are napping ( hopefully for the night!) and it's time for me to say Good night!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My adopted dogs

We have adopted 3 dogs in all and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world.

The first adopted dog was "Goldberg", adopted in August of 1998. Goldberg was named after a wrestler by my son. Goldberg was a black lab & god knows what. He was black & white & probably the best dog ever. Goldberg had a somewhat rough life. We only had him a few days when he got horribly sick. He had diarrhea and was listless. Come to find out, he had parvo. Parvo will usually kill a dog, but we must have caught it in the nick of time. After a few days in the doggy hospital, Goldberg was good to go. Next, on a fishing trip with my son and his girlfriend, Goldberg fell into the pond. My son jumped in and saved the day, not to mention the dog. A few months later, we moved into our new home. While backing up in our yard to deliver our washer, our friend kind of hit Goldberg with his van. No big deal, Goldberg carried on! A month or two later, we went to a baseball game. When we returned and walked into the house, Goldberg had a huge bump on his head! According to the neighbors, Goldberg was out when we left ( must have snuck out!). He went in the raod, and got hit by a car! No big deal, Goldberg again pulled through.

We could take Goldberg out of state to my Grandmothers or to my sisters, and he would always stay in their yard- without a leash!

He was unusually kind to those with disabilities and illness. He loved the litle boy I babysat that would sit around and chew on Goldbergs tail or pull on his ear. After my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, Goldberg would sit right near him whenever he was here! Dad died in May 2004. In the spring of 2006, Goldberg had to be put to sleep, and went to visit Grandpa up in that big playground in the sky. He himself had cancer from what the vet could tell. Goldberg was one in a million-a faithful friend that will never be forgotten.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The dogs in my life

I have had several dogs in my life. I liked them ok when I was young. The first dog I remember is Tippy, a cocker spaniel we had. I remember coming home from my Grandmother's in Pennsylvania to find Tippy frozen to death in her doghouse. Obviously there was probably something else wrong that caused his (her?) death first. All I know is, I wouldn't leave a dog outside for days, with just a neighbor checking on it. But back then, we did.

We had a variety of other dogs growing up. One was named Krypto. Krypto was some kind of mutt. My brother, who was a superman fan, named the dog after Kryptonite, the only thing in the world that can rob Superman of his amazing powers!

The two most memorable dogs are King & Nanny. King was a huge german shepard owned by our neighbors. He was always tied up, and he barked & barked & barked. If you walked by him, he would try to make a snack out of your leg! The neighbors warned us kids to stay away from King! He was tied up right outside of my window. I had nightmares for years of King crashing through my bedroom wall and tearing me to pieces. King almost ruined it for me & dogs! I never really liked them until I got older and had my own.

Nanny is a poodle that my family had for years. She barked alot, also. We lived across the street from a field, and beyond the field is a creek. Nanny would start barking like crazy. I would look out the window- I didn't see anything. What the heck was she barking at. Squinting my eyes, I barely notice the tiny (from that distance!) figure walking down by the creek.

Nanny had fantastic senses. She was an ok dog, but sometimes she wasn't always on my side. One day, my brother and I were messing around on the couch. My brother was pretending to beat me up and I was yelling, "Help, Nanny! Get him!" Nanny proceeded to come over & bite my foot! Duh!

As an adult, I first had Leo, another mutt. Leo was a crazy dog, who "fell in love" with my son's stuffed animals. The vet assured us this behavior would stop when he was neutered. It didn't. We ended up moving across the country and gave the dog to the relative of a trusted friend. Years later, we got Goldberg. Goldberg was probably the best dog in the world. I had a home daycare. For a while, I babysat a severly handicapped boy. This boy would come in, lay dog next to Goldberg, and start chewing his tail! Goldberg let him. In fact, if the boy didn't lay next to him, Goldberg got up and went to him! He sensed the boys problems and his love for the dog. Goldberg was well loved & a faithful dog for 8 years. Then he became ill with either Cancer or a heart condition. I eventually had to have him put to sleep. I am a pretty tough cookie, and thought I would be alright, so I went alone on the day of the euthenization. Bad, Bad mistake. When I handed him over to the vets assistant, I cried like a baby! I was blubbering all the way home!

Several months later, I was diagnosed with Cancer. I had a tumor in my kidney, which required
surgery and about 12 weeks of limited activity. I figured this would be a good time to get another dog. We went to a local shelter, and adopted a sheltie named Thunder. Thunder actually picked us! Thunders past is somewhat unknown. He has a lot of fears, one being my boyfriend, Ron. Thunder would bark & bark every time he saw Ron. Ron stated that Thunder wasn't a real dog, just an ankle biter! Thunder came close to breaking us up!

Just before my surgery, I had an overnight event with my Girl Scout troop. believe it or not, Ron awoke to find Thunder sleeping with him! I told Ron I think Thunder WANTS to like him, but he's scared! I felt if we got a "real" dog, a "Ron" dog, thunder would get jealous of the attention Ron gave the new dog. Ron wasn't liking the idea of a new dog.

About a month ago, my daughter started helping out at one of the foster homes the shelter has. We fell in love with a balck & white black lab/boxer mix. We adopted him & gave it to Ron.

I am happy to say he loved the new dog, whom we ended up naming Rocky. Thunder & Rocky have an absolute blast together, frolicking and such. Thunder is also starting to like Ron.

Why doesn't Ron realize that I am always right?