Monday, November 26, 2007

Rocky's misadventures

Rocky is getting huge! He is such a good dog. He goes in tomorrow to be neutered. He is becoming quite the leg hugger, so he needs a little adjustment! Rocky loves to roam around the yard with us as we feed the chickens and goats. We had a rooster get out. We used to let the chickens roam around the yard until they went through the woods to the neigbors and started tearing into their garden. So, we now keep them cooped up. Since the gardening season is now over, we didn't care if the rooster hung around. Being 1/2 black lab, Rocky cared!. He would go catch that rooster and carry him around. Didn't hurt him, just carried him around. Rocky wasn't satisfied until we put Mr. Cock0doodle-doo away! So, he's back in the coop.

Rocky is also finally retrieving toys- or at least stealing them from Thunder and bringing them back. I throw the toy, Thunder gets it, Rocky steals it from Thunder & returns it to me. What a goof-ball! He is so funny & so mellow & lovable- everyone loves him!

Thunder is getting a little better about the barking at Ron. He now has Rocky to be jelous of, so he actually TRIES to get Ron's attention now. Ron has been throwing the toys for Thunder, so now I think he is Ok in Thunders book. Thunder still barks horribly if Ron walks in from outside.

Well, it's time to wake the kiddo up for school. I think the doggies & I are going for a LONG walk today- it's been a while. We've mainly been hanging in the woods behind the house lately. Bye-bye!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Whose the guilty party?

Yesterday I came home to find the kitchen wall all scartched and dug up, the paper peeled off. The hallway wall had a hole in it, and scatches, etc.. I think it was the puppy, but he has never done that before. They were only alone for about 1/2 hour before my son got home. He left again maybe an hour before I got back. I wonder if it was really Duke that did it? My dogs haven't ever done that before, but I guess their's a first for everything!

Poor puppy was sick for a day or so. I thought he was choking on something, and got him into the vet- he had a cold! The reason I thought he was choking on something is somewhat humerous ( I guess). I came home from Girl Scouts one day to find both dogs outside, just running around the yard- batting a SQUIRREL HEAD back & forth! It was disgustingly funny. Anyway, I chuck the head out into the woods, wondering where the rest of the body is! Later, Ron comes in and says there was a squirrel leg on the porch stairs. Ugggh!

Well, I need to go start packing- I have a Girl Scout camping trip today- yee-haw! No seriously, it's fun, and hopefully it is creating memories for these girls that will last a lifetime.