Sunday, January 24, 2010

Think we have a name!

My daughters friend came up with what we think is a perfect name for the puppy-


How cool is that, and it would really work for a girl or boy!

2 weeks-can't wait!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Starting Over..................

Well, it's been some time since I've written. Thunder died a year or so ago. Really weird.

It was a nice day (for fall in NY!) and  my daughter was riding her bike through the yard. She was having trouble shifting the gears and asked for help. I got on the bike & started riding the bike through the yard and Thunder was chasing me around. We went in and Thunder went in the hallway and just died.

I was devastated! Thunder had just started liking Ron! It was so weird.

I couldn't think of another dog for a month or so. Then, I started really missing my baby. I looked and looked and finally found a little peek-a-pom. Her was a good puppy, seemed to be fitting in well. We named him Max.

About a month after we got him, we went shopping. We left the dogs home. When we arrived home I was bringing the groceries in. The phone rang. It was a friend of mine, having a minor crisis. I didn't notice the door left slightly ajar. Max ran out and went straight to the road. And got hit.

I couldn't believe it! I wasn't sure if I EVER wanted another dog.

But, we did attend an event for the Canine Working Companions. They are dogs trained to assist wheelchair bound people, become nursing home companions, etc...

I knew right away this was something I would like to do. I have 2 uncles that were in wheelchairs for most of their lives because their joints were ruined from hemophilia. Although they were quite self-sufficient, some wheelchair-bound individuals need some additional help.

So Princess Der and I applied to be a puppy-raiser for the organization. Over a year later, our turn has come. The director and another woman came out for our interview tonight. We get our black lab (probably a boy) on February 4th. We have to come up with an "I" name. All puppies in a litter are named with the same letter, going in order. Last litter were "H's", this one (lucky us) have "I's".

We have a few ideas:





I liked Indy, but someone has already claimed it!





Any suggestions?

We will have to attend puppy training classes at a mall about 20 minutes from here (every other week).

There are some rules we must adhere to :

No getting on furniture

No begging at the table

The dog must always be on a leash or dog run.

Rocky follows none of these rules, but you can bet he'll start :-)

I think this will be a great thing for Princess Der, another aspect of homeschooling.

We'll keep you updated.

P.S. Rocky is doing great! He gives our 2 yr old grandson huge kisses when he comes over, then let's him lay all over him! He's a big dog, a loyal family member. I know he misses having a friend, so the puppy will be a good thing for him.